Musical Theatre

Musical Theatre is a fairly bad idea. But I quite like it. I know I shouldn’t, but I do.

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I played keyboard and guitar in Rent at the Shaftesbury Theatre for six months some time in the 90s. In retrospect, there was much that was dreadful about the show, but I used to cry at the same point every night. What a softy.

I first met Hannah-Jane Fox (the original Scaramouche) during early rehearsals for We Will Rock You, and with Roger Taylor (the blond one from Queen) I co-produced Hannah’s first two singles. I’ve had oodles of fun co-writing with Hannah, and our latest collaboration is her one-woman show, The Fox and Hands. If you look closely, you might see her in this photo. She’s the one with her stiletto on my head.

With Hannah Jane Fox

For composer Trisha Ward, I recorded and mixed about 20 tracks from Sleeping Beauty and Coronation Street – The Musical, and for Mark Carroll I arranged and produced The Attic and Supernova.

An early 'Sleeping Beauty' workshop